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• August 10th, 2014

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Comic Book Bears Issue # 47 - Giant-Size Comic Book Bears

• July 27th, 2014

Get ready for our biggest episode yet!  Over 3 1/2 hours! We had originally planned to get an episode out to you earlier in the month but ... life happens.  So instead enjoy a grizzly-sized double dose.  First, author Clifford Meth returns to the show.  This time Ciff brings along Jim Reeber, his partner in Aardwolf Publishing. Cliff and Jim take us through their Kickstarter campaign for a project involving the late Dave Cockrum's Futurians. (Fitting that we talk Cockrum in an episode we can banner our own Giant-Size #1!) Before his passing, Dave wrote and drew an unreleased Futurians story and Aardwolf's Kickstarter has its sights set on seeing it finally in print! Then geek culture writer and prior guest Chris Cummins rejoins us! Chris and Billy Z recently attended the Marvel Universe Live arena tour in Philadelphia and you get to hear all about it.  It is impossible to have Chris on the show and not talk Archie so you get that as well along with some comic book musical talk. Then Justin and Bryan join Billy Z for comic conversation.  Topics in the final section of the show include #firerickremender, Captain America, Original Sin, Fantastic Four, All-New Invaders, All-New Doop, Guardians of the Galaxy, The Flash CW pilot, Superman:Doomed, Adventures of Superman, Infinity Man and the Forever People, Batman 66 vs. The Green Hornet, Dead Boy Detectives, The Private Eye, Foster's Home for Imaginary Friends and more!


INTRO: "Where You Get Love" - Matthew Sweet

0:25 - Introductions and Explanations

2:14 - Clifford Meth and Jim Reeber of Aardwolf Publishing talk The Futurians

55:05 - Chris and Billy Z talk Marvel Universe Live

1:51:10 - #firerickremender, Jet, Falcon, Captain America and much more Marvel

2:47:30 - The Guardians of the Galaxy preview and the CW pilot for The Flash

2:59:01 - Superman: Doomed, Adventures of Superman and more DC/Vertigo

3:17:40 - Vaughn and Martin's The Private Eye

3:22:45 - Foster's Home for Imaginary Friends (A Woofs of the Week false start)

3:25:41 - The Woofs of the Week

OUTRO - Jack Hylton Orchestra - "Forty-Seven Ginger Headed Sailors"

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Great X-Pectations Episode 21: Cry Mutant

• July 20th, 2014

“Watch Your Step” – Dan Phillips featuring Anna Abbey and the Marvel Music Group

-Gerry and Sean make a plan that they’ll probably break next week

-Gerry gets ambushed by Sean!

-Spider-Woman and the introduction of Siryn

-2 seconds later, Sean derails….

-A GXPod drinking game is discussed

-Spider-Woman! Quite the badass.

-Black Tom & The Juggernaut!

-Gerry & Sean hate changes to Colossus

-Regina piles!

-Peter David X-Factor talk

-Poor decisions at funerals have been made


-Colossus vs. Juggernaut, always a favorite

-Great Colossus one liners & catchphrases!

-What a country

-Gerry’s comic crush

-Share in the joy, read along!

-Lee Forrester needs to learn how to read a room

-Who needs a danger room?

-Wolverine NO!

-Father/Daughter reunion

-Caliban just wants love

-Kitty Pryde to the rescue?

-Magneto returns

-Xavier’s past with Magneto

-Kitty’s worst costume yet

-Garokk and that damn lava base!

-Find out what happens in 150 in the Earth 2 anthology episode!

-******** Annual 10

-Charming people out of comics since 1981

-Go out and read this issue, it’s a classic!

-Maddy Pryor!? What is happening?!

-Enter: Rogue!

-Vision: The best *******

-Best Brotherhood of Mutants… Ever.

-Golden is a fantastic storyteller

-Great ******** tale ends on a bummer, if not for the most human ******* of all, the Vision.

“The Fly” – U2

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Comic Book Bears Podcast Issue #46 - Manga, Mowry, Mail, Magnus, Moore and Much More

• July 13th, 2014

Billy Z, Bryan and Justin are joined by guest bear and fan of the show Steve Mowry!  Steve and Bryan recently attended HeroesCon where Bryan presented a panel about gay characters with Los Brothers Hernandez (Love and Rockets), Terry Moore (Strangers in Paradise, Echo, Rachel Rising) and Kate Leth (Kate or Die!, Bravest Warriors). Bryan covers how the panel was put together and how it went down coupled with other con stories from Bryan and Steve. Billy Z was also in attendance at the inaugural Special Edition NYC from Reed Pop as well as the latest AnimeNext convention.  In keeping with the subject matter of the latter, all four bears offer their recommendations of anime and manga that they like.  They round it out with a small splash of current comics talk and, best of all, we got hate mail!!!


Intro - "Where You Get Love" - Matthew Sweet

1:06   Introducing Guest Bear Steve Mowry

6:09   We Got Mail!

12:15    Bryan and Steve at Heroes Con including Dean Trippe, Ryan Browne, Kevin Watta, Roger Landridge, Janet Lee,

29:00    Bryan moderates a panel with Los Bros Hernandez, Kate Leth and Terry Moore

46:00    Billy Z at Special Edition NYC

51:00   Billy Z at AnimeNext

56:00   All the boys talk about their favorite works in manga and anime

1:28:00 Current comics talk including Infinity Man and the Forever People #1, Superman #34, Magnus from Dynamite, the Black Canary and Zatanna GN by Dini and Quinones and more

1:40:18 The Woofs of the Week

Outro - "46 & 2" - Tool

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Great X-Pectations Episode 20: Magik

• July 6th, 2014

Explicit Content. Wendi Freeman of the Double Page Spread Podcast joins us to talk about her favorite Mutant Mini,

Magik: Storm & Illyana!


MUSIC INTRO - "Oh Ho Ho It's Magic" - Pilot

Big brother is the gateway drug again!

Wendi's a drummer? WENDI'S A DRUMMER!!! m/

Digression time, buckle up!

-Let's talk Dune and Watchmen and Doctor Who and Blade Runner. Why not?

-Following creators vs following characters

-Marvel Age! Wizard Magazine! Diamond Previews!

Back to the X-Talk

-the innovation of setting an entire miniseries between the space of two panels!

-She's all growns up and she's all growns up and she's all growns up!

- #Ballsacko

-Where Magik rates in the X-Universe as a concept and a character

-The character design for Limbo's Kitty Pryde

-All X-Roads lead to tragedy. Will this include the 616?

-Which path do you take, sword or sorcery?

-The reproductive health of some of your favorite people

-Why aren't the young characters allowed to grow up and become real X-Men?

-Bret Blevins delivers a masterpiece with the cover of Magik #4

-#Underboob #ThatSlutShanna

-Rob Liefeld

MUSIC OUTRO - "Every Little Thing She Does is Magic" - The Police


**Coming soon: and a dedicated podcast feed for your merry mutant 'mirerers!


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Follow Wendi on Twitter @DFWendi or find her on her tumblr

Album art by Baron Strucker. Follow his monacled ass on twitter @BaronVStrucker 

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Comic Book Bears Podcast Issue #45 - Days of Taylor Bats

• June 24th, 2014

Billy Z, Bryan and Justin are back together in the comic bear den.  First up, a little X-Men: Days of Future Past talk.  Then it is a big 'ol helping of current comic book talk which includes Forever Evil, Teen Titans, Superman: Doomed, Batman/Superman, Earth 2, Future's End, Firestorm, The Wake, Secret Origins, Cyclops, Amazing Spider-Man, Afterlife with Archie, C.O.W.L., Prophet, Velvet and Thanos Annual #1 (sort of). Then the mega funny and uber sexy Brad Taylor of Warner Brothers Studios Tours joins in on the fun to discuss the Batman at 75 tour of the studio that Brad has initiated.  He talks with us about what you can expect to see if you go on the Batman tour, the Warners lot, the Conan and Ellen shows (both of which Brad also works for) and so much more! Let's just say the second half involves cameos from Madonna, Darla from The Little Rascals and Optimus Prime (sort of).

A final word about this episode.  We were dogged with technical issues left and right when we recorded.  There were a couple of dropouts. (Lying - MANY dropouts.) We edited all of it together but left a portion of the nods to the dropouts in for poops and giggles. Enjoy!


Intro - "Where You Get Love" - Matthew Sweet

1:06 - Days of Future Past

13:29 - Forever Evil Wrap-Up

25:23 - Teen Titans Annual #2

30:00 - Superman: Doomed

35:43 - Batman/Superman #10

37:41 - Earth 2

41:40 - DC Weekly Books and Firestorm

47:46 - The Wake

51:24 - Secret Origins #2

53:00 - Original Sin

1:00:46 - Cyclops and the other X books

1:08:00 - Amazing Spider-Man #2/Amazing Spider-Man: Learning to Crawl

1:10:02 - Thanos Annual #1 (sort of)

1:12:13 - Afterlife With Archie #5

1:14:31 - Image - Prophet, C.O.W.L. and Velvet

1:18:56 - We bring on special guest Brad Talylor

1:41:09 - The Woofs of the Week

Outro - "45" - Elvis Costello

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Great X-Pectations Episode 19: Nightcrawler’s Inferno

• June 22nd, 2014

Explicit Content

With Sean trapped in the Age of Apocalypse, Gerry calls in Stupendous Steve Raker for a chat about his favorite one-off X-Men tale: Uncanny X-Men Annual #4 (1980)!


MUSIC INTRO - "Dante's Inferno" - Iced Earth

-The art contributions of John Romita Jr. and Bob McLeod

-The first death of Kurt Wagner

-Margali Szardos, Nightcrawler's adoptive mother

-Wait, Nightcrawler's got all kinds of family, some of them dead by his hand?!

-The X-Men's descent into Hell

-Steve shows off his big educated brain

-Wolverine vs Storm; who IS the more fit leader?

-The big finish: a John Byrne art discovery that only Gerry, Steve, and Alan White care about.

MUSIC OUTRO - "Hell" - Tegan and Sara


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Album art by Baron Strucker. Follow his monacled ass on twitter @BaronVStrucker

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E2P The Boob Toob 2 – Field Trip 1 - Godzilla and X-Men DOFP

• June 10th, 2014

Explicit Content. Dan and Bobgar take a field trip to talk to you about two summer movies, Godzilla and X-Men Days of Future Past.  Episode will be split into a spoiler free discussion and a spoiler filled discussion so please check the show notes and time stamps.



(0:00:00)              Introductions

(0:06:12)              Godzilla – Spoiler free talk  

(0:21:46)              X-Men: Days of Future Past – Spoiler free talk


(0:37:30)              Godzilla – SPOILERS.

(1:07:37)              X-Men: Days of Future Past – SPOILERS

(1:47:32)              Trailer Talk: Dawn of the Planet of the Apes, Guardians of the Galaxy, Edge of Tomorrow, Amazing Spider-Man 2 (SPOILERS), Dana Scully and more.

(2:02:01)              Wrap up

 (2:03:24)             Credits/Outtakes



Intro Music is an arrangement by Bobgar incorporating Dan Le Sac’s “Standon Mix”

Outro Music by Aperture Science Psychoacoustics Laboratory “Science is Fun”

All other television sounds and excerpts TM & © their respective publishers.

Listen Now:

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Great X-Pectations Episode 18: Days of Future Past: The Movie

• June 8th, 2014
Explicit Content

Sean and Gerry dig into Uncanny X-Men #144-147, then chat with return guest Don Cardenas
to discuss the new X-Men: Days of Future Past film!

MUSIC INTRO - "?" - MF Doom Feat. Kurious

-The life and times of Jock Forrester, and the introduction of his lovely daughter Aleytys!
-A quick appreciation of Brent Anderson's pencils
-An appearance by Gerry's boo, Man-Thing!
-Claremont & Byrne's D'Spayre, Man-Thing's nemesis, rears his ugly head!
-Lee's got the fire down below for our man Scott Summers!
-Ms. Locke rolls in John Wilkes Booth style!
-Arcade returns to annoy us again!
-Getting the band back together: Angel, Iceman, Havok, and Polaris return!
-Dr. Doom outclasses and outtraps Arcade!
-Storm and Doom make a lovely couple
-The return of The Phoenix?!

SPOILERS FOR x-Men: DOFP begin at 1:18:00

From here on out we blab about what we love about the movie and a couple things we WOULD have loved.

MUSIC OUTRO - "Time in a Bottle" - Sponge 

**We have a Tumblr page!!!  

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Follow Don on Twitter @DonCardenasArt or find him at 
Album art by Baron Strucker. Follow his monacled ass on twitter @BaronVStrucker
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Comic Book Bears Podcast Issue #44 - Special Guest Clifford Meth

• June 2nd, 2014

As Brother Bryan is sequestered on the job, Billy Z and Justin start the show off with a terrific interview with writer Clifford Meth. Cliff has compiled a series of his past columns about the comic book industry into Comic Book Babylon, out now from Aardwolf Publishing. Cliff takes us through his history in comics and his advocacy for creators rights, why he decided to put together Comic Book Babylon and where he thinks the industry is at today.  Dave Cockrum, Gene Colan, Stan Lee, Neal Adams, Harlan Ellison and many other figures work their way in and out of our conversation. Cliff also discusses what's coming up from Aardwolf Publishing, the continuing sale of Dave Cockrum's comic book collection and hella more!


The show wraps up with a discussion about comic books that were cancelled before their time in light of the recent New 52 cancellations from DC. Listen in as the bear boys offer up their picks for brilliant-but-cancelled books which had the axe fall on them way too soon such as Captain Britain and MI-13, Agents of Atlas, Fearless Defenders, O.M.A.C., The Thing, The New Invaders and more.


Links to Clifford Meth's work

And if when you buy Comic Book Babylon, make sure you purchase it directly from Aardwolf!


And because we love you, here is the full episode breakdown -

Intro - "Where You Get Love" - Matthew Sweet


1:11 - Introducing Clifford Meth and what Comic Book Babylon is all about

2:41 - Clifford's first comic book experiences

4:18 - Cliff's original art collection

5:19 - The inspiration behind putting together Comic Book Babylon and the pitfalls of creators from the Silver and Bronze Age

15:37 - Harlan Ellison and Neal Adams

18:53 - Dave Cockrum and Gene Colan

27:57 - Artists who have had 2nd or 3rd "acts"

31:43 - Where Clifford thinks the comic book market is at and how the industry has changed

36:90 - Aardwolf Publishing

41:29 - Selling Dave Cockrum's comic book collection

45:38 - Creator credits, Stan Lee and more

1:02:39 - DC Cancels six New 52 titles and comic books that died before their time

1:06:54 - Captain Britain and MI-13

1:09:13 - The New Invaders

1:12:00 - Agents of Atlas

1:16:03 - Justice Society of America (1992)

1:19:49 - Fearless Defenders

1:23:05 - The Thing

1:24:10 - O.M.A.C.

1:27:40 - Man-Bat

1:34:01 - The Woofs of the Week

Outro - The Zombies - "Care of Cell 44"

icon for podbean

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